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Es Saadi Marrakech Resort

Oriental Thermae®
Cleanse and regenerate the body

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The perfect mix of modern technology and
time-honoured knowledge and practices,
the Oriental Thermae® offers an astonishing
experience to cleanse and regenerate the body.

the Oriental Thermae®,
an enchanting detoxifying interlude

With its illuminated pool and its series of nine dry or wet heat sessions, the Oriental Thermae® welcomes you for a moment of pure rest and relaxation. Colour, sound and scents mingle to create a soothing atmosphere for a unique detoxifying experience at the heart of the Spa.

the es saadi advantage

Guests residing in the Palace, the Villas or the Ksars have open access to the Oriental Thermae®.

bio herbal bath
from the “bled”

The Herbal Bath is a pleasant relaxing humid bath based on the healing effects of natural herbs. At a temperature of approximately 113 – 122°F a fully automatic system lets out steam into the cauldron and its herbs. The organic Herbal Bath not only causes healthy perspiring, it also opens the pores and activated the metabolism of the skin. The effect of the different herbs and aromas affects body and mind positively.


These steam baths in a spacious treatment room with 100% humidity and a temperature of 111°F leave you relaxed. Revitalizing for the body, the steam cleans the skin in depth by inducing perspiration and eliminating toxins.


The Sauna is a dry heat bath with a temperature between 176 and 212°F. It stimulates blood circulation, toxin elimination and the suppleness of the muscles.


The Laconium has a maximum temperature of 122°F, and is especially suitable for those who are looking for a less intensive alternative to the Finnish sauna. You will feel carried by this gentle heat whilst enjoying a splendid view of the swimming pool.


Whilst sitting on a marble bench, plunge your feet in this revitalizing bath to stimulate the circulation with alternating heat and cold.

sensory experience

Alaska or Tropical, these showers create an array of sensory experiences and allow you to enjoy the natural energy of water on your body, under the powerful water stream with variable heat and light.


This is a magnificent marble fountain decorated with the typical Fez “zellige” tiling. It produces without interruption a thin ice that is ready to be applied onto the body in order to cool it in between each bath, sauna or steam hammam. The “thermic shock” induced by the ice on the body gives you a real feeling of vitality. A playful experience!


from your
hotel room

Please contact the Hotel concierge, who will be happy to show you to the Spa.

from your
palace suite

A lift is available to take you directly to the Spa entrance without going through the main hall. The lift is located in the Koutoubia building which you can reach from your suite or through the 1st floor rotunda if you are staying in the Ménara building. The spa is signposted in the corridors on each floor.

from your

Please see with your butler, who will be happy to show you to the Spa.

non residents

Please contact the concierge in the Hotel or Palace lobby, who will be happy to show you to the Spa.

es saadi
Palace Spa

Rue Ibrahim El Mazini

+212 5 24 33 74 00
Es Saadi Spa

Rue Ibrahim El Mazini

+212 5 24 33 74 00
hours & reservations

The Palace Spa is open every day from 9 am to 9 pm.
The fitness room is open every day from 8 am for the residents and the members.

To book an appointment,
call +212 5 24 33 74 00

or ring 401 from the Es Saadi


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