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terms of use

Please read the following Terms of Use before using this Website.

Website: www.essaadi.com (“the Website”)

FERMA DITM S.A, with share capital of MAD 40,000,000 and whose head office is located at rue Ibrahim El Mazini, 40000 Marrakech, Morocco, Business and Trade Registration number 3007.

Tel.: + 212 5 24 33 74 00
Fax: + 212 5 24 44 76 44
Email: info@essaadi.com
Design: Malabar Design/www.malabardesign.fr
Development: Malabar Design/www.malabardesign.fr
Hosting: Pixels Ing./www.pixelsingenierie.net
Content manager: Caroline Bauchet-Bouhlal


The use of the Website is subject to these Terms of Use and constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Use in their entirety and without reserve. The failure to comply with these Terms of Use, even partially, will result in termination of the right to access and use the Website.

FERMA DITM S.A reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time and without prior notice.

Any modifications to these Terms of Use are effective immediately as soon as the updated Terms of Use are published on the Website. Therefore, users agree to refer to the Website Terms of Use on a regular basis to check for any modifications.


FERMA DITM S.A reserves the right to modify, update, and delete the information and other content on the Website at any time and without prior notice. FERMA DITM S.A offers no guarantee, express or tacit, of the information and other content on the Website.

The information on the Website is as accurate as possible, and the Website is updated periodically. However, the Website may contain errors and omissions. Users who notice any errors, omissions, or bugs are requested to send as accurate a description as possible of the issue (page, what caused the problem, type of computer and browser used, etc.) to info@essaadi.com.

Users are solely liable for their use of the Website and the information and other content on the Website. Users are also solely liable for any information or other content downloaded from the Website. FERMA DITM S.A cannot be held liable for damage to the user’s computer or the loss of data resulting from the downloading of information from the Website.

FERMA DITM S.A reserves the right to prohibit access to the Website, either temporarily or permanently, without prior notice.

FERMA DITM S.A cannot be held liable in any way for interruptions to the service and/or damages arising either directly or indirectly from the use of the Website.

The photographs on the Website are not contractually binding.

The Website may contain hyperlinks to external websites. These hyperlinks are provided for informational purposes only. FERMA DITM S.A has no control over these external websites and bears no responsibility for the access, content, or use of these external websites and cannot be held liable for damages arising from the content of these external websites. In particular, FERMA DITM S.A is unable to verify whether or not authorizations from any copyright holders have been obtained for the content on these external websites.

Prior consent must be obtained from FERMA DITM S.A for any inbound links to the Website. FERMA DITM S.A reserves the right to withdraw consent at any time if the company deems that an inbound link is contrary to the company’s interests.

Furthermore, express prior consent must be obtained from FERMA DITM S.A to use this Website on an external website (e.g., “framing” the Website on an external site).

To request further information or consent, please send an email to: digital@essaadi.com.


When booking a stay on the Website, users will be asked to provide FERMA DITM S.A with personal information (first and last name, telephone number, physical address, email address, bank card number, etc.).

FERMA DITM S.A collects and uses this information in compliance with Moroccan Law 09-08 of February 18, 2009 [LINK] on the protection of natural persons with regard to the use of their personal information.

The personal information collected will be used to:

  • Ensure the proper functioning of and improve the Website
  • Manage customer relationships (customer records, marketing, billing, customer service, etc.)
  • Send newsletters
  • Generate Website analytics (traffic and use)

This Website has been filed with Morocco’s data protection authority (Commission Nationale Pour la Protection des Données Personnelles).

Any personal information provided is primarily for the use of FERMA DITM S.A. However, FERMA DITM S.A could share this information with its partners (technical service providers like the Website hosting company; other companies belonging to the FERMA DITM S.A parent company Groupe Es Saadi Marrakech Resort; and other partners such as banks and service providers like Zendesk chat and TravelClick, and call centres).

FERMA DITM S.A does not sell or give Website users’ personal information to third parties.

The data is stored in <France> for an undetermined period of time.

FERMA DITM S.A agrees not to violate your privacy and to take all reasonable precautions to protect the security and confidentiality of your personal information. This includes measures to prevent your personal information from being modified, damaged, or shared with unauthorized parties, in compliance with any legal obligations that may be applicable.

Users have the right to access, modify, rectify, delete, transfer, and oppose and limit the use of any personal data collected and used by FERMA DITM S.A.

To exercise this right, users are asked to:

  • Send an email to: info@essaadi.com, or
  • Send a registered letter with return receipt to FERMA DITM S.A head office to the attention of the General Manager


The Website, Website structure, and all Website content, including but not limited to technical elements like software, databases, and source code; and design and content and, specifically, graphic designs, images, graphics guidelines, photography, text, video, animation, sound, logos, gifs, icons, etc., are the sole property of FERMA DITM S.A (with the exception of certain elements like brands, logos, and content belonging to other Groupe Es Saadi Marrakech Resort companies or third parties).

The use of this Website constitutes acceptance that no intellectual property, licence, or rights other than the right to use the Website in compliance with these Terms of Use, are granted.

The express written consent of FERMA DITM S.A must be obtained in order to reproduce, present, distribute, modify, adapt, retransmit, or publish these elements, even partially, regardless of whether it is for commercial use or not.

Using the elements that constitute the Website without express consent is a violation of civil and/or criminal law and could result in legal action.


These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Morocco. Any claims or disputes arising from the validity, interpretation, or performance of these Terms of Use will be adjudicated by the courts in the jurisdiction of FERMA DITM S.A head office.

Arabic is the governing language for the resolution of any disputes.

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