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Es Saadi Marrakech Resort

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Dior Institut and the Es Saadi Palace have pooled their expertise
and invite you to indulge in a timeless revitalizing moment,
where Beauty and Wellness come together as one for a total
beauty makeover.

dior institut
at es saadi

Dior Institut has created a new, unique approach to reveal and enhance beauty. Just like Monsieur Dior, who followed “the laws and principles of architecture” when designing his dresses, Dior Institut offers structured, carefully composed treatments for each guest, delivered step-by-step for instant and lasting youth-replenishing results.

Dior skincare reflects a history of excellence, driven by Christian Dior’s passion for women’s beauty.

the dior “hands”
teamed with exceptional products

The Dior beauty experts have in their hands the power to reveal beauty, deliver total relaxation, and balance and boost energy levels. This “art of touch” is enhanced by Dior skincare products that draw on the benefits of precious active ingredients derived from flowers with extraordinary properties.


Please call one of the Dior Institut beauty experts to book an appointment.

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from your
hotel room

Please contact the Hotel concierge, who will be happy to show you to the Spa.

from your
palace suite

A lift is available to take you directly to the Spa entrance without going through the main hall. The lift is located in the Koutoubia building which you can reach from your suite or through the 1st floor rotunda if you are staying in the Ménara building. The spa is signposted in the corridors on each floor.

from your

Please see with your butler, who will be happy to show you to the Spa.

non residents

Please contact the concierge in the Hotel or Palace lobby, who will be happy to show you to the Spa.

es saadi
Palace Spa

Rue Ibrahim El Mazini

+212 5 24 33 74 00
Es Saadi Spa

Rue Ibrahim El Mazini

+212 5 24 33 74 00
hours & reservations

The Palace Spa is open every day from 9 am to 9 pm.
The fitness room is open every day from 8 am for the residents and the members.

To book an appointment,
call +212 5 24 33 74 00

or ring 401 from the Es Saadi


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