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Es Saadi Palace SpaEs Saadi Palace SpaEs Saadi Palace Spa

Personal balance and connection to nature and to others

Built around a 100-year-old eucalyptus, the 3000-sqm Palace Spa offers the best in health and Wellness, a soothing escape
that combines genuine tradition and the most advanced techniques.

.Dior Institut .

Utmost luxury


In an exceptional setting that whisks you away from your daily life, Dior Institut and the Es Saadi Palace unite their know-how and invite you to indulge in a timeless revitalizing moment, where Beauty and Wellness become one to offer a total beauty makeover.


  • - Promising immediate and lasting results, the Dior Institut treatments combine the best procedures and techniques to infuse the skin with youthful radiance and energy.
  • - Remodeled with incredibly precise movements, the face and body are toned, oxygenated and balanced. Cells regenerate and recreate visible and lasting beauty from within. This deep transformation can even be seen in your attitude and bearing. Your allure is nobler, your youthfulness is revealed and your beauty is simply spectacular.
  • - All of the Dior Institut treatments are personalized to meet specific individual needs. Each appointment begins with an indepth skin diagnosis, carried out by a Dior Institut beauty expert who then uses this information to select the products to use during the treatment.
  • - Furthermore, a quick makeover will be offered after your treatment for total embellishment.

Treatments and amenities

    • - Single treatment room
    • - Double treatment room
    • - Makeup salon
    • - Private terrace area
    • - Gift vouchers available for unique Dior Institut pampering experiences

The Es Saadi Advantage

Experience the unique expertise of Africa's unique Dior Institut in an exceptional setting designed for your relaxation.

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