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Relaxation and idleness

Treat yourself: enjoy the swimming pool and all the other leisure activities you never seem to have time for at home.

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Moroccan crafts

An oriental treasure to bring back


Take home a bit of Marrakesh with you. Choose something from one of our boutiques, located in the gardens not far from the swimming pool and the hotel. Or how about treating yourself to one of our luxurious beauty products available from our Spa boutique?


  • Luxury goods, fashion, Moroccan crafts, handmade and unusual jewellery. At the Spas: hair care, beauty products for face and body, and accessories.


    • - Morrocan craft, fashion and luxury boutiques
    • - Newspaper kiosks

The Es Saadi Advantage

Pick out a few souvenirs to bring home, without leaving the comfort of the resort.

Objets de luxe à Marrakech, Artisanat local
Objets de luxe à Marrakech, Artisanat local
For further information, please contact us by telephone at +212 524 33 74 00 or by email at info@essaadi.com


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