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The Palace RestaurantsThe Palace RestaurantsThe Palace Restaurants

Epicurian sins

You will have a hard time resisting the gastronomic delights served in the Palace restaurants…

.Lagon & Jardin .

Gourmet cooking at its best


A blend of fresh and cooked Mediterranean flavors; the taste of natural products and mouth-watering dishes.


  • Lagon & Jardin, with its large terrace overlooking the pool, is a cool, modern restaurant serving light meals like large salads, pasta, free-range chicken and grilled fish with fresh herbs. A veritable harmony of colors, flavours and textures awaits you for dessert. You'll find hard to choose between the light mousses, pastries, and fruit salads.

Menu excerpt

    • - Pumpkin, carrot and cumin soup with a parmesan tuile
    • - Tuna niçoise with vegetable confit, squeezed lemon and anchovies
    • - Avocado tartar served with king shrimp in sauce
    • - Old-fashioned club sandwich with chicken, egg, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise
    • - Farfalle with king shrimp and vegetable confit, topped with parmesan shavings
    • - Saint Pierre fish served with two olive sauce and fresh herbs
    • - Rib steak served with foaming butter, French fries, green salad and sauces
    • - Crème brulée infused with fresh vanilla bean

The Es Saadi Advantage

Sit at the the edge of the lagoon pool and enjoy dishes with organically grown ingredients from our family farm in the Ourika valley.

Worth a look

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