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.Epicurien .

Lounge atmosphere


The simplicity of a brasserie restaurant paired with stylish decor and savory bistro cuisine.


  • When you push open the doors of Epicurien, the restaurant bar and lounge of the Casino, you enter a cozy atmosphere filled with crystal lamps, mahogany furniture, and large mirrors. Whether sipping a cocktail or enjoying a delicious meal, you can enjoy the view of the palm trees from the terrace. Epicurien is open every day from 8 pm to 4 am.

Menu excerpt

    • - Homemade duck foie gras
    • - King shrimp or calamari salad
    • - Chef Jonaz's barbecue (a variety of grilled meats and side dishes)
    • - Roasted St Pierre filet with crisp vegetable julienne
    • - Coconut milk panacotta
    • - Delectable millefeuilles
    • - And an Epicurien cigar to top it all off

The Es Saadi Advantage

Music and dining until 3 o'clock in the morning.

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