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Starting from May 11th, as part of the May Photo Festival, Es Saadi Marrakech Resort is pleased to welcome Fayçal Tiaïba for his captivating exhibition “Es Saadi: A Moroccan Icon” showcasing the history and architecture of the hotel.

Fayçal Tiaîba

Fayçal Tiaîba (born in 1974, Chambéry, France) is an architect and photographer. He graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique d’Architecture in Algiers in 1997 and completed his DEA at the University of La Sorbonne in Paris, specializing in historical heritage and urban transformations.

After working with Shigeru Ban in Paris, he joined Studio KO in Marrakech for the Yves Saint Laurent Museum project before becoming a partner. He left the agency in 2022 and founded Laberinto, a multidisciplinary studio based in Marrakech and Paris. Concurrently, he continues his photographic practice, exploring the relationship between history and architecture.

In 2024, he established Atelier Gueliz, an idea laboratory that he leads with students with the aim of recognizing and protecting the architectural heritage of Marrakech.

Fayçal Tiaîba’s photographic project

The history of the Es Saadi Hotel intersects with that of contemporary Morocco, from the 1950s to the present day, creating a fabric upon which one can read patterns laden with significance. It is also a paradox in itself. Here, regulars mingle, sometimes spanning several generations, renewing together each year the experience of a familiar place. Newcomers also pass through, discovering Marrakech through its prism.

As part of the Moroccan modernist movement, the Es Saadi Hotel embodies a timeless style. The precision of its design, conceived by architect Emile-Jean Duhon, and the uniqueness of its volumes and façades allow it to traverse the decades effortlessly. It innovates without opposing tradition. It possesses a modernity that does not betray its roots. Acting as both a bridge and a messenger, it is, in a sense, a common heritage.

This photographic work is the result of an immersion within its walls. It is the portrait of an icon, seeking the essence of a place. These are the traits that shape its character, often overlooked by the thousands who pass by without noticing. It is also a way to evoke the challenge of its preservation and to inspire a fresh perspective on it.



Date: Opening reception on May 10th, and the exhibition is open to the public starting from May 11th.

Location: The Syrian Lounge, on the ground floor of the Palace Es Saadi.

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