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The Palace RestaurantsThe Palace RestaurantsThe Palace Restaurants

Epicurian sins

You will have a hard time resisting the gastronomic delights served in the Palace restaurants…

.Island Bar .

A refreshing oasis


Sip a cocktail between two laps in the turquoise water of the pool. Refreshment abounds in this relaxing setting.


  • Whether on terra firma or dipping your toes in the water, enjoy a drink at the Island Bar in the middle of the pool.

Menu excerpt

    • - Dom Pérignon champagne
    • - White wine - S. de Siroua Chardonnay
    • - Red wine - Médaillon Cabernet
    • - Gray wine - Volubilia Gris
    • - Mojito cocktails
    • - Bahama Mama exotic cocktail

The Es Saadi Advantage

Quench your thirst with a refreshing poolside drink.

Worth a look

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