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Theatro Night ClubTheatro Night ClubTheatro Night Club

Trendy nights and stunning shows

This is the place for night owls looking for the best of Marrakesh's mythic nightlife.

.Theatro Night Club .

The meeting place for night owls


Come to Theatro for memorable club nights with unmissable sets from top DJs.


  • This historic night club has played host to everyone from Maurice Chevalier to Josephine Baker, and now to the best DJs from around the world. The discotheque, which is in the former Casino theater, was entirely renovated in 2002 and is available for private parties.


    • - Monday: I Hate Mondays
    • - Tuesday: Classy & Fabulous (Ladies Night)
    • - Wednesday: Le Grand Bazaar
    • - Thursday: Need New Haters
    • - Friday: Life's too short
    • - Saturday: The Urban Music Legacy
    • - Sunday: Socialize
    • - and many other surprises...

The Es Saadi Advantage

This is a club that needs no introduction, experience the Theatro with our famous performers and dancers. An absolute must of Marrakech's nights.

Worth a look

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