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The Palace RestaurantsThe Palace RestaurantsThe Palace Restaurants

Epicurian sins

You will have a hard time resisting the gastronomic delights served in the Palace restaurants…

.Bio du Bled .

Taste and lightness


Inside the Spa, the Bio du Bled restaurant offers a gastronomic and light break cooked with products from the family vegetable garden. After relaxing at the Spa, enjoy a slow food meal and feel sated but light.


  • Delicious vegetables, gluten-free bread, grains, perfumed herbs – many of the restaurant's ingredients are grown on our own small holding in the Ourika valley, where the family-run vegetable garden and orchards are found. Bio du Bled is the first slow food restaurant in Marrakesh, the perfect place to prolong the benefits of a relaxing and purifying Palace Spa therapy.

Menu excerpt

    • - Goat’s cheesecake in a parmesan coat, crown of fines herbs and crispy salad
    • - Tartar of natural, farm-grown courgette with ginger and fresh mint
    • - Young garden shoots and sprouts in flaked, gluten free crust
    • - Filet of Cod with millet couscous semolina
    • - Vegetarian tofu burger, squid ink bread, Pont Neuf chips
    • - Cinnamon orange and mint tea jelly
    • - Midelt apple and oat bran galette (crusty cake)

The Es Saadi Advantage

Bio du Bled offers slow food cuisine made with wholegrain, healthful products.

Worth a look

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