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For budding artists

Circus, jewellery making, belly dance, pastry making, classical music. These are just some of the daily workshops and special activities
organized for your children, run by professionals and specifically tailored to your children's age group.
Each workshop is an opportunity for your child to discover an artistic or a craft activity.

.Music workshop .

Workshop introducing toddlers to music


A wonderful opportunity for children to discover the joys of classical music and to have the chance to play an instrument with a musician.


  • A wonderful workshop to stimulate children's creativity and curiosity, organized on demand during school vacation periods.


    • Whether it's the guitar, trumpet or violin, your children have always dreamed of playing an instrument. This workshop allows them to develop a real ear for music.

The Es Saadi Advantage

Led by a team of professionals, your children will develop an ear for music.

For further information, please contact us by telephone at +212 524 33 74 00 or by email at info@essaadi.com


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